Magneto-micro fluidics


How to make magnetic Ils? It takes some time!
A solid/solid reaction of BMIM]Cl and FeCl3 gives a liquid; add some solvent (toluene) and use a magnet - you will be surprised.
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Traveling between different worlds: paramagentic ionic liquid [P44410]FeCl3Br traveling through organic and aqueous phases
Source: Diploma thesis, V. Misuk
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Double emulsion droplets containing colorless [bmim]2MnCl4 as MIL are aptured and released by a magnet.(Lab Chip, 2013,13, 4331-4342;DOI: 10.1039/C3LC50747E)
Source: Diploma thesis, V. Misuk
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Double emulsion droplet flow along two parallel mounted magnets: entering the magnetic field and turning the MIL phase ([bmim]Fe2Cl7); stretching the droplet followed by a phase separation. The separated organic phase travels with the continuous phase flow velocity, while the MIL is accelerated in the same direction. (Lab Chip, 2013,13)



Capture and reunification of magnetic core droplet with the organic solvent segment in continuous flow



Double emulsion droplet flow through a ring magnet: the first droplet comes in a close vicinity to the magnet’s hole entrance. The MIL ([bmim]2NiCl4) turns first in the opposite flow direction due to the magnetic field. Subsequent unification of a lingering droplet inside of the ring magnet field with a sequential following droplet. Some stretching of the now unified droplet takes place, i.e. the organic phase elongates into the continuous phase flow direction. After three times repeating the growing volume of the organic phase leads to an overstretching and finally rupture of the organic phase. Also the MIL follows the organic phase in a certain distance ((Lab Chip, 2013,13, 4331-4342;DOI: 10.1039/C3LC50747E))




Double emulsion droplet flows along three magnets mounted in a row: the MIL is shaked inside the droplet. Unfortunately, it appears as a turning but this is not the case.((Lab Chip, 2013,13, 4331-4342;DOI: 10.1039/C3LC50747E))
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Double emulsion droplet flow along three alternatedly mounted magnets: the droplet is turned and remains in this position as long as it is flowing paralled to a magent’s surface.(Lab Chip, 2013,13, 4331-4342;DOI: 10.1039/C3LC50747E))
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A blue colorized (organic phase) double emulsion droplet with colorless [bmim]2MnCl4 is captured by a magnet. As subsequent flowing second MIL containing droplet with a yellow colorized organic phase (due to the illumination by the microscope light it appears greenish) is also captured. Both organic phases penetrate each other and mix to form a green one. By removing the magnet the now unified green droplet is released.((Lab Chip, 2013,13, 4331-4342;DOI: 10.1039/C3LC50747E))



Paramagnetic ionic liquid [BMIM]5Dy(SCN)8 in organic solvent: shaking by an external NeFeB permanent magnet. Source: Diploma thesis, V. Misuk


Fixed bed

Synthesis of cyclohexyl acetate from cyclohexanol and acetic anhydride in a magnetically fixed bed of paramagnetic Ionic Liquid [BMIM]Fe2Cl7. The IL acts as catalyst.
Glass device from mikroglas chemtech GmbH Mainz, Germany


Fixed gas

Bubbling of gas through a magnetically fixed paramagnetic ionic liquid [BMIM]Fe2Cl7.
Glass device from mikroglas chemtech GmbH Mainz, Germany