Our research activities comprise organic synthesis and process engineering utilising micro-fluidics and novel solvent systems (ionic liquids and/or thermoregulated systems).


The organic chemistry part of our research focusses on droplet and emulsion based selective group transformations, particle synthesis and manipulation of reaction equilibria in continuous flow. Selective and fast nitrations of aromatics were performed on a minute-time scale at elevated temperatures using in-line mixing with a retention mixing unit. Emulsification of multiphase systems lead to the synthesis of nanoparticles of quality and quantity unprecedented by batch methods. Implementation of heterogenous scavengers made equilibrium reactions, such as condensations, in micro flow possible without contamination.

Other research topics exploit the possibilities of ionic liquids (ILs) to develop processes which will faciliate recycling and processing of cellulose. Various ionic liquids were synthesized to solute paper, cardboard and cellulose based composites.

Droplet manipulation techniques are used to handle heterogenous liquid/liquid systems for catalyzed reactions. Removal of the catalysts in cross-coupling reactions through thermoregulated three-phase-flow, as well as capture-and-release techniques with magnetic ionic liquids are investigated and used for organic synthesis.