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Heinrich, J. and Löwe, H.

Poster_BoernerContinuous Flow Synthesis of Substituted Benzobisimidazoles - Precursors for Cruziforms

Karl, D., Börner, P. and Löwe, H.


Synthesis of Cathode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries by Continuous Micro-flow Spray Pyrolysis

Snyders, C., Ferg, E., Schuelein, J. and Löwe, H.

Poster_EnglerAbsorption of Ethyl Acetate form Contaminated Air Flow in Ionic Liquids

Engler, H., Dexu Kong, Changhong Li and Löwe, H.


Continuous Solvent Stripping with a modified Micro-structured Device

Hagenlocher, D., Habermann, D., Karl, D., Schärtl, W., Hofmann, C., Schütt, C. and Löwe, H.

Poster_HeinrichAutonomous Phase Separator

Heinrich, J., Schilling, A. and Löwe, H.

Poster_Hilgers_CBM_final_smallScaled Up Synthesis of Platinum-Nanowires using Microfluidics

Hilgert, J., Karl, D., Bauer, H., Tahir, M. N., Löwe, H. and Tremel, W.

Poster_Dominik_smallChemistry in Single and Double Emulsion Droplets

Karl, D., Misuk, V. and Löwe, H.

Best Poster Award (2nd Poster Prize), "Conference on Fronziers in Organic Synthesis Technology, FROST 5
Poster_Diana_IMRET_final_smallIonic Liquids as Phase-transfer Catalyst in Suzuki Cross-coupling Reactions in Continuous Flow

Habermann, D., Breuch, D. and Löwe, H.

Poster_Annette-Buba-Version-1_smallSynthesis of N-methyl amino acids in a flow tube-in-tube reactor with a gas-liquid/liquid-liquid semi-permeable membrane

Buba, A. E., Koch, S., Kunz, H. and Löwe, H.

Best Poster Award (1st Poster Prize), "International Conferences on MicroREaction Technology" IMRET, 2014


Droplet-based multistep synthesis of CdSe-QD with narrow particle size distribution

Misuk, V., Schmidt, M., Mai, A., Giannopoulos, K., Braukmann, S. and Löwe, H.

Poster-MagnFluid_FINAL_smallApplication of Double Emulsions based on Paramagnetic Ionic Liquids

Misuk, V., Mai, A., Giannopoulos, K. and Löwe, H.


High Temperature Reactions in Microstructured Reactors -
Synthesis of Biphenyl by Dehydrocondensation of Benzene

Guan, G. Metzke, D., Ma, J. and Löwe, H.


Cellulose-based Nanoparticles Precipitated from Ionic Liquids by
a Continuous Emulsification Technique

Eidmann, E., Ehm, N. and Löwe, H.

Poster_DMIMCO2Continuous-flow Synthesis of N,N’-Dimethylimidazolium-2-
carboxylate – A Precursor for Halide-free Ionic Liquids

Habermann, D., Breuch D. and Löwe, H.

Poster Julian_small

High Throughput Synthesis of Ni(0) Nanoparticles using Coaxial Mixing Principles

Schülein, J., Minrath, I., Pommersheim, R. and Löwe, H.


Paramagnetic Ionic Liquids as “Liquid Fixed-Bed” Catalysts in Flow Applications

Misuk, V., Breuch, D. and Löwe, H.


POSTER_Nadin_smallHeat Pipe Mediated Control of Fast and Highly Exothermal Reactions

Ehm, N. and Löwe, H.

Poster stefan koch_small

Petasis Olefinationin a Continuous Flow Microwave Reactor: exo-Glycalsfrom Sugar-Lactones

Koch, S., Löwe, H. and Kunz, H.

1st Poster Price at European Carbohydrate Symposium (Eurocarb 16), 2011

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Continuous Flow Synthesis of 1,3-Dimethylimidazolium-4-carboxylate - a Precursor for Unusual Ionic Liquids

Breuch, D., Misuk, V. and Löwe, H.


Heat Pipe Mediated Control of Fast and Highly Exothermal Reactions

Ehm, N. and Löwe, H.


µ2 – Microwave Assisted Microreactor Processing: Synthesis of Ionic Liquids

Minrath, I., Beck, M., Pitton, D., Zankl, F. and Löwe, H.